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Nationwide Road Markings are car park specialists. We can advice you on how to maximise your car park space and organise a traffic flow system.
Your car park is also an advertisement for your business and where your customers will get their 1st impression of your business, if your car park is dull and the markings are worn we can re- mark it to give it the fresh new look and also make it safer for your customers. This is a very cost effective way to re-vamp your car park.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you put lines and markings on tarmac and concrete?
A. Yes we can, we use a primer on concrete.


Q. What types of paint do you use?
A. We use a thermoplastic and chlorinated rubber paint.


Q. Does the weather affect your work?
A. We do not work while it is raining but in circumstances where the ground is wet we have the facility to dry it before commencing work.


Q. Does it take long to mark out and lay a car park?
A. It depends on the size/surface and weather conditions.


Q. Can you do the work out of hours so as not to disturb our daily business?
A. We can accommodate any of our customers and work can be done at weekends or evenings if requested.


Q. If there is moss/dirt or loose chippings in my car park can you clean it or have I to get it cleaned?
A. Yes We will clean the ground where the markings are going.


Q. Can you write visitor in some parking bays ?
A. Yes we can write any text e.g BUS , CUSTOMER, HGV . also any numbers you may like to include.


Q.  Can you put in disabled bays or parent & child bays?
A.  Yes we can provide you with any markings that your car park may need.


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